1.Channelling of Ashmar
by Mario Raby
on October 30, 2016
at the First Spiritual Center of Montreal
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It gives us great pleasure to be here with you today ...

You are both divine and earthly in nature. Your incarnations allow the Divinity- Source to become better acquainted with Itself through matter. You have double genetics: children of light but also children of the Earth. Your cellular composition is both luminous and made of the same material of which is constituted the planetary sphere that shelters you. You are from the mineral, vegetal, animal reigns and by the conjunction of your spiritual and material kingdom, you express the human kingdom. That's why we so often invite you to get closer to your cousins (the mineral, vegetal and animal elements); to recognize yourself through each of these elements that make up your earthly universe so that your Divine Light can, on one hand, integrate and, on the other hand, influence these elements, this material world, ... and to provide it with the necessary Will to rise in the higher planes, to benefit through your consciousness of the Knowledge of these First Plans originating from the Source.

When we suggest that you use the mineral kingdom to rebalance your own physical vehicle, it’s because your physical body is partly constituted of these same minerals and because these particles are loaded with thoughts that do not always come from your Higher Divine Identity but which are sometimes derived from your lower animal identity. This animal identity has the memory, through its growth, of the emotions of fear that were necessary for its survival. The mineral kingdom has the ability to store these memories.

Your divine kingdom does have the power to cleanse this mineral reign of the memories which no longer serve it. When you are inspired to get closer to one type of mineral rather than another, understand it’s all your inner mineral structure that needs strengthening. If it is about the emerald, it’s because your heart needs to be cleansed, reinforced, realigned, rebalanced.

In the same way, your meeting with the vegetal kingdom has the power to re-establish in your molecular structure the energy exchange between your material and your spiritual structures.
They carry elements which also have a form of spiritual structure capable of influencing you in your Ascension process. Remember that the constituent elements of your planetary sphere are also valuable tools in your development. Respect them as teachers.

Let every breath you borrow from your atmosphere be impregnated with your desire for enlightenment and then impregnate each exhalation with your desire to feed your cousins from the vegetable kingdom. There is an exchange between your two reigns that brings balance in your genetic, molecular structures. It allows the traveling of information from the ethereal plans of your human community to the terrestrial, planetary community. It is through this communication of information that each of you is contributing to the Ascension of your planet within the Galaxy.

You are ONE with your divine origin and are ONE with your planetary origin. Your personal identities are the experimental channels, the vehicles, which allow the assimilation of a vast experience; which allow the ingestion of Knowledge.

We greet you now and we thank you for your listening. Do not take for granted anymore that everything around you is outside, separated from what you are. Everything you see, everything you feel, everything you touch and everything your senses can feel allows and contributes to the assimilation of the Knowledge that leads to the enlightenment you seek; contributes to your Ascension. May the stimulation of these senses be, therefore, awakened by the stimulation of your anchor points, your « chakras », which hold your spiritual bodies to the physical body; Stimulate them regularly and see your sensibilities grow at the same rate as your wisdom.

Besides your planetary family, you benefit from the wisdom of your brothers and sisters of the galactic plans: your elder brothers and sisters who, somehow, watch over your growth and are always ready to help.

We greet you now,



Mario Raby: We will be experiencing right away what Ashmar has suggested we do. That is to say: to use our breathing in order to well integrate the Divine Source, our Divine Intelligence, our Divine Consciousness; to infuse it into our material and physical elements.

Thus, we will begin by directing our thoughts towards the Source. We imagine an immense Sun-Diamond above us, very very bright. This sun is filled with Light, Knowledge, Love, Peace, Serenity and Joy.

We will invite this luminous and almighty Power to invade us of His Presence. In thought, let’s raise our bodies to Him. Let's turn the palms of our hands toward this One and take a great inhalation to integrate this "Diamond Light" into our coronal chakra (on the top of our head). When this Light-Diamond crosses the filter of the coronal chakra It becomes tinted with the purple color and becomes "Light-Unity". Once this "light-Unity is" integrated into the coronal chakra, it becomes Knowledge. We bring it down inside of us; Each of our bodily cells absorbs it, bathes in it; then we offer it to the Earth (palms toward the ground).

Again, turn your palms toward the sky and inhale now the Diamond Light which, passing through the filter of the third-eye, becomes tinted with the indigo color and becomes pure "Light-Clarity". Integrate it into the 3rd eye level and then at the level of your whole physical body. Then, offer it to the Earth (palms toward the ground).

Turn your palms toward the sky. Inhale all the Light-Diamond that, once integrated into the chakra of the throat, becomes tinted of the sky-blue color and becomes "Light-Truth; Light-Teaching; Light-Communication ". Make it enter inside your physical body and offer it to the Earth (palms toward the ground).

Palms toward the sky. Inhale all the Light-Diamond which, once integrated into the heart chakra, turns into green color and becomes "Light-Unconditional Love". Take the feeling that this luminous power contains and place it at body level before offering it to the planet (palms toward the ground).

Palms toward the sky. Inhale all the Light-Diamond which, once integrated into the chakra of the solar plexus becomes tinted with yellow-golden color and becomes "Light-Wisdom", "Light-Knowledge ". Incorporate it into your entire physical body before offering it to the earth (palms toward the ground).

Palms toward the sky. Inhale all the Diamond Light as if you were a vacuum. Once integrated to the chakra of the spleen, the Light tint itself of the orange color and becomes "Light-Joy", "Light-Creativity". Let it spread within you and give it to the earth (Palms toward the ground).

Palms toward the sky. Inhale all the Light-Diamond and integrate it into the root chakra. It is tinted with the red color and becomes "Light-Power," "Light-Force," "Light-Will "," Light-Courage ". Inhale it deeply. Let it spread inside of you and then give it to the earth (Palms toward the ground).

Join both feet, turn your palms toward the sky and inhale the Light-Diamond. Once integrated to the chakra of your feet, it is tinted with the color white of a thousand opportunities. Let us ask the Divine Source, Sun of Light, to invade us of the meaning of our life. This energy to the chakra of your feet guides your steps, offer it to the ground (palms toward the ground).

Now we will go to the center of the earth. There is a huge ball of fire, an internalplanetary- sun which is the "Light-Consciousness" of this Mother Earth. Let's ask our Mother-Earth to kindly come to charge us with the meaning of our lives, through our roots. Palms toward the ground, let us pray this "Light- Consciousness of Mother-Earth » to ascend to our feet and invade us with its vitality and its planetary consciousness so that we are always in the right place at the right time, in the synchronicity of the universe. A beam of white light of a thousand possibilities arises from the center of the earth and reaches our roots. We install this synchronicity inside all of our body and it is brought up to the Source. Send out the energy with your hands.

We ask our Mother-Earth to bring up through our roots the Light that will give us the strength, the will of our acts, our gestures. Then a beam of red light comes to invade us at the root chakra. Use the magnetic power of your hands to direct this luminous energy. Our body is full of this light, this will, this strength and courage. Offer it to our Source (palms toward the sky).

We return to the center of the earth (palms toward the ground) and ask our Mother to share with us all her infinite Creativity, her Joy of being. Through the roots, an orange light rises to the chakra of the spleen. It invades us with this light and all our metabolism is charged with this orange light that we breathe out towards our source (palms toward the sky) and the experience of this light returns to the source.

We pray Mother-Earth (palms toward the ground). We ask for her calm, her balance, her immutable serenity. We will feel at our roots a yellow light that rises inside of us. It charges our chakra of the solar plexus. We feel this Light of serenity grow in us and invade us totally. We offer it to the Source (palms toward the sky).

We pray our Mother-Earth (palms toward the ground) to nourish us with her vitality, her maternal love. We see the green light ascend through our roots to the heart, fill our heart. This green light overflows in all our magnetic field. Then we offer to Father-Source (palms toward the sky) all this unconditional Love with gratitude.

* N.B. The following passage is optional and especially applies when a lack of vitality or love is at stake. In the same way, one can also repeat the energy filling of another chakra depending on whether one needs clarity of vision (3rd eye), serenity (solar plexus), strength (root), etc... for example.

** With gratitude, we ask a second time our Mother-Earth (palms toward the ground) to charge us with her vitality, her Unconditional Love, her Maternal love. We see the green light rising through our roots up to the heart, to fill our heart until it overflows and colors our magnetic field of this green light. Again, we offer this Unconditional Love to the Source (palms toward the sky). **

With gratitude, again we ask our Mother-Earth (palms toward the ground) to charge us with her Truth, her power of infinite expression. We feel the blue sky light ascending from the center of the earth up to our throat; Fill the throat chakra of its impeccable truth. Let the light invade all our magnetic field. We become a ball of blue sky light. We become a blue sky sun and we offer (palms toward the sky) all our truth to our source.

We ask with gratitude to Mother-Earth (palms toward the ground) to invade us now with its illuminating Light, its clarity of vision. It offers us the indigo light which, aspirated by our roots, ascends to the 3rd eye and illuminates with this indigo light our energy center. We become this blue cosmos sun and we offer this light to our source (Palms toward the sky).

With gratitude, we thank our Mother-Earth, the one who composed our physical body and we ask Her (palms toward the ground) to charge us with all its unifying light. Watch the purple light go up inside you and charge your coronal chakra of this sense of unity and belonging to all the Universe. You become that purple sun and your radiance extends with gratitude to the Source. We offer Him (Palms toward the sky) all our experiences of unification, our unified uniqueness.

Now we will take 3 extra breaths in silence to simply feel our personal radiance expanding and then connecting with Father-Source and Mother-Earth.

Feel the communication, the flow of energy between Mother-Earth going through you and flowing back to Father-Source then traveling the reverse way from the Father-Source, through you, into Mother Earth:

1. Breathe in deeply. Bring down the Divine Consciousness through you into the earth center. Exhale, feel all the gratitude of the earthly experience going through you and return to the divine consciousness.

2. Return to the Creative Source. Inhale its Light, bring it down in you. Let it circulate through you and go down to the material world. Exhale. Feel all the gratitude of the earthly experience going through yourself and return it to the divine consciousness.

3. Breathe in the Divine Light. Install it well inside of you. Let it circulate and enter the planetary sphere. Exhale. Feel all the gratitude of earthly experience going through yourself and give it back to the divine consciousness.



Each of you have a specific plan for which you are committed to Father-Source and to your planetary Mother. Be the children of your already proud parents.

Although we are few today, this does not take away the value of what each of us does to the hatching plan of the planetary sphere.

You know that we are moving to a lighter dimension and that this is done through the human community, through each individual. Each of us has his little role to play to allow that transition. It is therefore important to recognize that even though we are physically few here today, if we add the consciousnesses of the ethereal plans, the room is full. There are many, many, many entities that are around us right now.

A lot of "Knowledge" bathes this room and is ready to be shared, not only through me, but through each one of us… at any time, anywhere, for whoever has ears to hear.

Namaste ... I recognize the God within you!


Channeled by Mario Raby