The Key to Persuasion
"Instead of striving to get others to see it your way, put your energy, effort and focus into seeing it their way. By more fully understanding what others see, you can more compellingly express what you see. Your perceptions are indeed very valuable, yet they are not the only perceptions. If you operate under the assumption that everyone sees, or should see, the world as you do, you're not going to make much progress. They way to get people to see it your way is to start by seing it their way.

The key to persuasion is understanding.

Take the time to listen, to observe, to ask, to learn, and to listen some more. Make it your goal to sincerely, respectfully, without judgment, understand. You hve beautiful, valuable, helpful things to say. The more you truly understand the person you're talking to, the more compelling your words will be. Before you attempt to be understood, make sure you understand. Greatly enhance your own perceptions by respectfully considering the perceptions of others."
- Ralph Marston